How to Detect a Hacked Yahoo Account and Fix it

Hacking in itself is a very dreadful and shocking situation that could take away your complete confidential data. No, matter whether you are a business holder or a basic Yahoo user, hacking of Yahoo account can make you fall in great loss. This nightmare is not only restricted to you, as there are many users who have faced such drastic circumstance. So, it’s very much important for you to keep away this from hacking. However, if you face any situation like this then you must know the sign of hacking so that you could be aware and can find an instant and perfect solution.

If you find anything different with your Yahoo mail, then you must focus on the things as shown in this blog so that you can take action as soon as possible. So let’s go through that detection and solution procedure for yahoo hacked.

Login to your Yahoo account

After doing login, you first need to change the password of your Yahoo account.

Navigate your account info page

Just put your mouse printer on Yahoo avatar and wait for its drop down menu. Here, you may need to verify your password, so do those.

Now, click on link ‘view your recent sign-in activity’ link

After doing this above activity, you will be reached to page listing recent login along with real-world location and also check the login came from IP number. Go through the entire listed login and compare the information. If you find login from different city, region or country then it shows that someone have logged in to your account.

Navigate the sent message folder in your Yahoo account

Here, you will find the list of message that you have sent through your account. If you find the message that you have not sent then your account would have hacked. You should also check your trash message because you can see the messages that have been deleted.

Check for malicious intrusions

Malicious intrusions may also allow your data to get stolen. So, you must run security software on your system. Install antimalware software to secure your system.

After going through all these above shown procedures, you are surely going to be aware of the hackers. This way, your account will remain completely safe from illegal sources. However, if you need more safety tips and tricks then you can dial Yahoo technical support number to find perfect help from Yahoo expert.

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